Shiitake Dowels (400) - PROFESSIONAL


Professional Dowels - 8 x 40mm PACK OF 400 dowels These dowels are larger in diameter and longer than our standard dowels. These provide deeper penetration into the log, and a larger quantity of mycelium for seeding the log - resulting in faster and more reliable mushroom production. The larger dowels also have a lower surface-to-volume ratio, making them less prone to moisture fluctuations Shiitake is one of the most popular species for growing on logs, due to the high value of this mushroom. It is relatively straightforward, if a little slower than other types. Typically 6-12months from innoculation to mushrooms. Many growers consider the quality and taste of log-grown shiitakes to be far greater than those produced by other means.

Link to download growing instructions provided.
Due to high demand for this product, there may be a lead time of up to 2weeks to provide these. We do try to carry enough in stock, but due to the unpredictable nature of demand, the batches are often not ready soon enough to dispatch immediately.

  • Model: DOW-SHII-8mm
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • 1000000 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Mushroom Box