Growing Instructions

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Instructions for growing mushrooms on logs using MushroomBox dowels

Oyster Dowels

Shiitake Dowels

Reishi Dowels
Follow the shiitake dowel instructions, but Reishi mushrooms should fruit without the need for a cold shock. It's also beneficial with Reishi mushrooms to 'plant' the log about 100mm deep in a well-drained soil - either in a plant pot or directly in the ground. If you don't have well-drained soil you can use sand.

Glowing Mushroom Dowels
Follow the shiitake dowel instructions, but the mushrooms are somewhat unpredictable in when they will appear. Preliminary research suggests that production of mushrooms may be triggered by an extended period of cold shock.

Turkey Tail Dowels
Follow Oyster Dowel instructions

Commercial Growing
We get asked at least ten times each week for detailed information about how to start a commercial growing venture. There isn't a five minute answer, and with the best will in the world, it's very difficult for us to provide a sufficiently detailed answer for all the customers asking this question. We've therefore started writing some articles to help customers who wish to venture into small-scale commercial growing. More documents will be added, as time allows

Where to start with commercial growing?

Instructions for growing from Mushroom Spawn

Almond Mushroom (Agaricus Blazei)
Follow the Button Mushroom growing instructions. Almond mushrooms take a little longer during the incubation phase (30-40days), but otherwise requiring the same process as for button mushrooms.

Albalone Oyster
Follow the blue/grey oyster mushroom growing instructions.

Black Morel
Interesting novel theory- good insight into potential new morel-growing options

Black Poplar
Follow the blue/grey oyster mushroom growing instructions. If possible grow within one of our mycobags, when the substrate is fully colonised, open the top of the bag and add a casing layer of about 1/4" depth. Expose to high humidity to stimulate the production of mushroom pins.


Button Mushroom

Chicken of the Woods
Elm Mushroom


Hen of the Woods

Honey Mushroom
Follow blue/grey oyster mushroom instructions until colonisation complete. This mushroom grows well on sawdust, and will grow adequately, but not as quickly as oysters on straw. There is no known fruiting triggers for this mushroom - we're currently working on this. Therefore, it may be easier to fruit this mushroom by burying the colonised substrate outdoors - but if you do this, please do so well away from trees, as this mushroom will grow parasitically on living trees

Judas Ear

King Oyster Mushrooms

King Tuber Oyster

Lions Mane

Moonlight Mushroom (Glowing Mushroom)
Follow the instructions for Panellus Stipticus. Moonlight mushroon is extremely fast colonising, and glows brightly at first. The mycelium turns from white to orange as it matures, and after 2-4weeks, it starts to produce a dark hard outer skin for protection (rather like shiitake mushrooms do). This thick outer layer eventually blocks the light output, but a temporary reprive can be achieved by applying force to the exterior of the bag to break up the substrate and reveal the inner mycelium once again.


Oyster (Blue/Grey)

Oyster (Blue)


Oyster (White)

Oyster (Yellow)

Paddy Straw Mushroom

Panellus Stipticus (Glowing Mushroom)



Shaggy Mane (Ink Caps)
Click here for growing instructions- not our instructions, but very comprehensive paper on indoor and outdoor growing techniques.

Note: Our strain of shiitake mushroom can produce mushrooms reliably from straw. However, to achieve this, 1)The straw must be well pasteurised in-situ in a MushroomBox Mycobag (eg place straw in bag inside box, wrapped in towels, pour on boiling water, fold down top of bag and lid of box and leave for 24hours) 2)All the excess water must be drained. After 5-10days, drain any remaining water from the bag, resealing afterwards.

Turkey Tail
Follow the blue/grey oyster mushroom instructions, but cut a lot more slits in the bag for the mushrooms to grow out of. Turkey tails colonise very quickly, but the mushrooms are slower growing.

Wine Cap
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