Black Heavy duty Layflat Tubing 12" (10m)


Layflat tubing for growing Oyster Mushrooms, 400g thickness.

This tubing is approximately 12" (30cm) wide when laid flat, which will give a circumference of 24" (60cm), and a diameter when filled of around 7.5" (20cm) when filled.

Black tubing is preferred by some growers, for various reasons (less contamination by photosynthesising bacteria/algae, helps to encourage mushrooms to grow out of the slits, which are the only source of light reaching the mycelium). This tubing is also heavier grade, meaning less chance of tearing and greater weight-carrying capacity (so it will support larger weight of substrate).

To use the layflat tubing to grow mushrooms, gather one end of the tubing together and loosely tie either with cord or with a cable-tie. Then fill the tube, alternating between adding about 100mm depth of chopped straw (or hardwood sawdust), followed by a sprinking of mushroom spawn, then straw again etc until the tube is filled. Once filled, the column should be compacted, either by pressing down from above, or by banging the bottom of the tube against the ground, topping up as necessary.

Tie off the top of the bag to seal the contents. You can form a loop of tubing at the top under the cable tie to allow you to hang the bag, or you can thread another cable tie through the first one. The whole column can then be suspended for growing, and if the bottom cable tie is loosely attached, it will allow excess water to drip out through the bottom, preventing aerobic conditions near the base of the tube.

Once the tube is suspended, small cross-shaped slits should be made, evenly distributed around the column to allow for air exchange and for mushrooms to grow out.

We will cut this to whatever length you require.

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